Youth Hair Salon

Bogart's Hair Salon caters to youth of all ages and specializes in giving fun, trendy and modern haircuts for boys and girls.

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Fun and Stylish Hair Services

Youth Haircuts

Looking for a modern and trendy haircut and style? Worried you won't be able to explain to your stylist exactly what you're looking for? Simply bring in a photo as an example and we will make it happen. Our highly-trained stylists keep up to date on the latest and upcoming trends to ensure you get exactly what you ask for. Book your next appointment with an expert Bogart's hairstylist - we promise you won't be disappointed.

Hair Tattoos & Designs

Unlike other kinds of tattoos, hair tattoos can be a unique style statement without the permanent effects which is why they are becoming increasingly popular amongst youngsters and adults. Whether you're looking for a cool design on the side, back or above the ears, hair tattoos are an expression of art. Imagine carrying your favorite symbols or messages right on your head through a cool razored look. This is what a Hair Tattoo is all about.

Fun Colors

Thinking of adding some cool and fun colors to your hair, look no further. Whether you are after something eye popping and attention grabbing, a subtle blend or streak, or want to support your favorite sports team for an upcoming event, our highly trained colorists can help you achieve any look you're after. If you're not sure what color would look best, book a consultation today and get expert advice.


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